Brideau, A Two City Encounter

  • Client: Self-initiated
  • Year: 2010
  • Discipline: Identity, typeface and editorial design

Brideau, A Two City Encounter started with exploring the connections between the two sister cities Bristol and Bordeaux, both of which I know well.

Town twinning –as the modern concept born out of WWII to maintain and promote international peaceful relationships– materialises through trading and socio-cultural exchanges. My investigations led me to devise the idea of a new hybrid city.


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Geography, climate, History, culture, language… as a city Brideau is a complex entity. Its foundations and visual identity (logo, typeface, language) were established out of juxtaposing and blending features from the original sister cities. 

The publication, while far from being exhaustive, is rich in infographics, illustrations, photography, texts… Brideau, A Two City Encounter ultimately stands as an invitation to question one’s experience of a city beyond space and cityscape.


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