(In)Visible Words

  • Client: MA degree major project
  • Year: 2011
  • Discipline: Infographics, poster and editorial design

(In)Visible Words is based on an analysis of the English language contained in over 30 documents from everyday life (flyers, leaflets, packagings...) all of which I collected every day over one ordinary week. My aim was to look for the structural patterns and rhythms of Language-in-use.

First I identified the general types of words, then looked in particular at the different function words and finally I focussed on the most commonly used and «invisible» small words, such as the, of, and, to.


Book 1, Type of Words – Analysis


Book 1, Type of Words – Mapping


Book 2, Function Words – Analysis


Book 2, Function Words – Mapping


Book 3, Other Words – Mapping detail

Colour-coding and mapping word categories allow for a simple and striking graphic solution. The outcome is a series of posters displaying bright rhythmical patterns which celebrates the syntactic anatomy of the English language used in everyday life.


Outcome – Posters printed on tracing paper


Framed posters 3, 4 and 5


Framed posters 1 and 5