It's 2020 and still time...

  • Client: Self-initiated
  • Year: 2020
  • Discipline: Poster design

As a follow-up to 20th September 2019 Global Climate Strike and my original Earth/Death placard's messaging designed for it, I developed a series of posters using the same principle of " mirrored words" and re-purposed them as a set of 2020 New Year's resolutions with bespoke lines "It's 2020 and still time...".


It's 2020 and still time...


It's 2020 and still time to revive the earth

The mirrored words Twenty/Twenty, Earth/Death, World/Wound and Planet/Plight are set in a bespoke condensed lettering, filling up posters' vertical space. 

Words and letters overlay intricately. Weights vary from Heavy to Light on words set in black and from Light to Heavy on words set in red, alerting about the weakening of one and progressive strengthening of the other.


It's 2020 and still time to heal the world


It's 2020 and still time to spare the planet