• Client: Typography Summer School
  • Year: 2015, work in progress
  • Discipline: Typeface design

Maledetto was firstly devised as an experiment during the Type Hack workshop led by Fraser Muggeridge at London's Typography Summer School 2015. Developing from an existing typeface, Mr Eaves Modern Sans, a number of six basic alterations is applied to it. This "type hacking" provides the starting point for the creation of the new typeface.

Maledetto is still work in progress. A Latin full-character set featuring the seven original weights, as well as all possible alternative combinations, will be available soon.


Overlaying alterations and seven weights of Maledetto

Maledetto (italian for "cursed") is a direct reference to the experimental sound piece Lingua II: Maledetto by Kenneth Gaburo (1973). In this piece, seven virtuoso speakers progressively layer their respective voices and speeches. As polyvocalism and sound effects such as varying tempi or syncopation intensify, the piece grows into a tormented almost suffocating (para-) language composition.

Maledetto's typeface design is a graphic reflexion around Gaburo's experiment in compositional linguistics—music as language and language as music. The six basic modifications pile up over one original weight, making a family of seven with a set of glyphs becoming increasingly less discernible. This multi-layered typeface also allows for many more individual combinations to challenge legibility even further. 


Six basic modifications and seven weights of Maledetto