Project Colour

  • Client: Ashburnham Community School
  • Year: 2012
  • Discipline: Identity and app design

Project Colour is a charitable initiative to encourage children in Ashburham who live in World’s End Estate and attend the AC School to be creative about their community area. A significant part of the project was to enable the children to see their ideas made big and on display.

With the task of creating a child-accessible platform, DLKW Lowe devised an app to help the children reimagine their estate by drawing onto iPads. The finished paintings were displayed onto a 15m2 digital billboard overlooking the school. Children were given a print of their artwork to take home and saw all the paintings put on display in their school and on digital billboards all across London. Watch the video here.


Projet Colour kids


Application design in collaboration with Nick Smith


The application being used


Introduction screen


Drawing screen