sloggi mOve

  • Client: sloggi
  • Year: 2017
  • Discipline: Identity

In 2017, MullenLowe London's design studio worked on re-branding sloggi, a newly acquired client. 

After collaborating on the main wordmark design and establishing the brand’s new positioning and overall visual identity, I was personally tasked with creating the logo for their range of activewear: sloggi move.

Simultaneously, I had the chance to lead the writing up and design of the full guidelines for the brand.


Build up of the "sloggi" + "mOve" lock up


Detail of build up for the m's arm of stem and shoulder curves

The word "move" is originally set in Gilroy, the brand's new typeface, which I applied a series of modifications to. 

Gilroy compliments the symmetry found in the new sloggi logo and I looked at intensifying these geometrical features; the e’s finial was re-drawn to be straight and horizontal, curviness was re-instilled with round angles and notably through reworking the m's curves, basing them on the shape of the iconic "s" of the new sloggi mark. Finally, the enlarged O grants recognisability and can be utilised in various graphic ways.

The lockup appears now on all newly produced garments, labels as wells as on any branded collateral, communication supports and advertisments.


Lockup appearing on hanger and tag (left) Enlarged O used as props for a magazine photoshoot (right)


Enlarged O used as props for magazine photoshoot (left) Lockup appearing on product’s packaging (right)


Guidelines (selected slides)


Guidelines and brand architecture


Guidelines and colour usage


Endframe of promotional film