• Client: LQID
  • Year: 2017, 2018
  • Discipline: Identity

LQID is a website and app that brings banking and trading services into one digital platform. It was won by MullenLowe London in 2016 over a pitch led by MLL on the branding and advertising end, and by Profero for the digital strategy. 

After a year spent on developing its product, the client came back to MLL during late 2017 with a brief to refine and fully develop the brand, drafted during the pitch phase, in view of the full launch in the summer 2018.

I was tasked with revising the logo entirely. Identifying imperfections in drawings and proportions, I then looked at re-balancing and smoothing these out in order for the mark to be flawless and performant at every scale. 


New logo and its architecture


New lockup's architecture and set

I also devised the brand’s wider visual identity which developed into guidelines and a set of rules stress-tested across print and digital formats. 


Range of printed explorations and executions


Guidelines (selected spreads)


Full guidelines